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Free Repairs

If it’s a quick repair, with no parts, even the fix is free.

No Service Fees

No service call-out fees. Ever!

Any Brand

We service furnaces, boilers and AC systems. Any brand or model and it doesn’t matter who installed it.


Providing Top-Quality Home Comfort Solutions

We believe that your comfort is important, and one of the most important elements of a comfortable home is a properly working, high-efficiency heating and air conditioning system.
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Free Inspections of your Air Conditioner & Heating Unit

AC United will inspect your ac unit at  NO-COST!
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AC United repairs and replacements are already costly without adding service fees to the mix. Other dealers commonly charge $75 or more per service call, but AC United provides free HVAC inspections to diagnose heating or cooling problems at zero cost to consumers.

Free Furnace Inspections, Free AC Inspections,
& Always Free Service Inspections

Residents tend to experience warm, humid summers and cold, snowy winters, requiring HVAC systems to work correctly and efficiently.

AC United promise has always been to help our customers live and work more comfortably while saving money.

That’s part of the inspiration behind our no service fee policy.

When there’s a problem with heating during fall and winter or cooling during spring and summer, our certified technicians will provide a free HVAC inspection to diagnose the underlying problem.

Technicians will also complete the repairs for free if it’s a quick fix and doesn’t require parts.


Other dealers often charge $100 or more just to walk through the door!

Other dealers charge $100 or more to walk in the door! With our Free Service Program we inspect your air conditioning or heating problem at no cost.

If we can fix it in under an hour with no parts it’s completely free!

No Service Call Fees

AC United services any brand or model of furnace, air conditioner, and other HVAC components. If the free HVAC diagnostics reveal a more complicated, time-consuming repair or the system requires replacement parts, our expertly trained technicians will provide a detailed list of costs before starting any work.  

Our promise includes full, upfront transparency at every visit.


Areas We Service:

Heating and Air Conditioning

Experienced Team

We own an extensive team of qualified professionals with a proven track record of rendering quality work.

Immediate Credit

We have more than 15 financial institutions throughout the United States to apply for your immediate credit, regardless of your score.

10 Years of Warranty

Our products come with a 10-year warranty on machinery and a 1-year warranty on labor.


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    AC United technicians will service any brand or model — no matter who installed it.

    Our certified professionals complete ongoing training, allowing them to diagnose and quickly solve heating or cooling problems.

    A Quick Fix With No Parts is FREE!

    Take advantage of our no-cost service calls while enjoying the benefits that come from tried-and-true experience. Give us a call today at (888) 318 0052.
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